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Having a central location for all of our locations had been a vision of mine for many years. When the opportunity to create that vision presented itself, I choose Glacier West as our construction management company.


While working with Neil at Glacier West I built a strong working relationship with him that had transformed into a personal relationship at the conclusion of the project. It’s because of the trust that was developed through our relationships that I believe my interests were protected and respected throughout the entire process.


During potentially costly construction phases Neil was able to adhere to previously prepared budget and plan and was able to keep us on target. The job site ran a fast-paced schedule while maintaining an impeccably organized site throughout the entire process. I have the utmost confidence in Neil to complete any project on-budget and on-time.


With Glacier West I was able to take an active role in the creation of my vision and bring it to fruition. 

I am thoroughly impressed with services I received from Glacier West and highly recommend their services.

-Larry Dyck


- Located in Vancouver, British Columbia

- 15,000 SF

- Head office/central location


Exterior facade and landscaping

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